Summer Adventure

If there’s one thing you won’t find at Moonlight Basin, it’s a lack of ways to enjoy the summer months. For when the warmer temperatures, endless blue skies and longer days of the season arrive, so do an incredible variety of things to do, see, explore and discover.

Golf at Moonlight Basin

The Reserve Golf Course

At A Glance

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Explore our private trails or endless National Forest and Wilderness options.

Sporting Clays

An awesome ridgetop range surrounded by mountains.

Mountain Biking

Miles of private trails. Directly connected to the Big Sky Resort network.


3D and standard target options.

Ulery’s Lake

Ulery’s Lake Camp is a gorgeous place to relax on the beach, take out a canoe or cast a fly to rising cutthroat trout. Moonlight Outfitters is here, as are a tree fort for kids, a fire pit and great eats at the Carpe Diem Cafe.

Fly Fishing

Cast a line at Ulery’s Lake, or head out to a blue ribbon river.

Moonlight Outfitters

From mountain biking to hiking to fly fishing, Moonlight Outfitters offers expert advice, instruction, equipment rentals and guided member and guest programs. Your summer activities headquarters. Located at the Ulery’s Lake Yurt.